Ray Clerkin, Chartered MCSI

Financial Planner & Workplace Financial Education Specialist

Ray has been a financial planner and adviser for over 30 years and in that time has helped guide clients through the various ups and downs of their personal and business financial plans, along with a myriad of general economic crises and environments. Many of these clients continue to rely on Ray’s guidance today, as do their families as they begin to establish their careers, personal and financial aspirations.

Ray helps individuals and business owners define and understand their longer term financial security needs. In constructing a detailed and highly personalised cashflow forecast, this encompasses existing assets, liabilities, savings and investments in a comprehensive and easy to understand format. The forecast considers future life events such as mortgage repayment, changing the car, children going to university, partial retirement and full retirement. This considers and evaluates what potential threats might occur to a successful plan such as serious illness or prolonged periods off work through illness or injury. This would usually be reviewed on an annual or twice-yearly basis and forms the basis to an individual and family’s life plan;

One of Ray’s great passions is in providing financial wellbeing education to employees in a classroom workshop environment and to the workplace in small and medium sized businesses. Increasingly personal mental stress can be put down in part to financial concerns and this has not escaped the attention businesses of all sizes and the considerable costs of employee absenteeism/presenteeism.

Outside of work, Ray enjoys walking, cycling and latterly has been trying his hand at re-engaging with his (still novice level) golf!

Favourite book:

Mc Carthy’s Bar – Pete Mc Carthy

Perfect holiday destination:

El Camino pilgrimage trail – Basque Region, Spain.

Favourite meal:

Bacon Ribs & Cabbage

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