Rachel’s story

Wiltshire, Libertas client since 2020

I’m self employed, when I moved to a new Accountant in Feb 2020 and we discussed efficiency, they asked about pensions. I knew I had accumulated a few pensions over the years and needed to consolidate them; when lockdown hit it gave me a bit more time so I decided to do something about it.

My Accountant introduced me to Julie and Libertas. My goal when first meeting with them was to get myself more organised for my retirement and to gain more clarity. I also wanted to start contributing to my pensions as, you know how it is when you’re self employed, I hadn’t been paying in to them for a while I felt like my retirement plans were all a bit chaotic.

Julie is very knowledgeable, very personable and easy to talk to and I feel much more confident about my retirement plans now. The service I received from Julie and Libertas felt very personal, the advice given was to benefit me and I felt that Julie wasn’t trying to sell me any services I didn’t want or need. In fact after the review she advised me to leave a couple of my pensions where they are and made sure I am on the correct service level, again avoiding any unnecessary charges.

Julie was very pragmatic and looked at what was best for me, I feel a lot more confident about my retirement now.

Julie is very knowledgeable; I feel a lot more confident about my retirement plans now.

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libertas2019Rachel’s story