Paul’s story

Manchester, Libertas client since 2015

I met Phil because he’d dealt with my family for years – he knew my dad. I decided to continue out of loyalty and because of my dad’s good judgement in choosing Phil as his financial adviser.

I have to admit I didn’t have many of my own motivations at first; I was more led by my Dad at the time. I had no finances to invest, everything that I earned went on my house and partying! Ironically, it was a conversation with a friend of mine around 10 years ago that prompted me to give my finances more thought. My friend was being made redundant and he said he liked to keep a one month buffer in his savings for such an eventuality. That started me thinking that with a couple of minor lifestyle changes I could save too and once I started, I liked watching my savings grow.

Once I got to a certain point, I decided I wanted to invest my savings. Since then, rather than spending to my means, I started saving and it then made sense to invest some of that. My life has changed financially and that’s what encouraged me to invest. With interest rates so low, it makes sense to invest long term, particularly at present.

I had a modest income and my savings will also always be modest, but I want to watch my savings grow. Between being advised to have Lasting Power of Attorney for my Dad, working alongside solicitors to organise my Mum’s estate tax-efficiently and Phil’s financial planning, I feel the money has been managed really well and enabled me to buy a new home whilst keeping my previous property to rent out as a source of income.

“I’m very, very happy with what Phil is doing.”

My first impressions of Phil were that he was smart, confident, knowledgeable had a nice manner, and provided me with the reassurance that despite me not having millions to invest, I was important to him and he took the time to help me to understand a pathway.

I’m very, very happy with what he’s doing. He keeps it simple. He knows my strategy and the risk factor I’m comfortable with, and we get along as individuals; I like him. He’s always given me confidence and did the same for my Dad, so I see absolutely no reason to change.

The Inheritance Tax planning work Phil’s done has been most helpful.

The results of all that work have been that I’ve been able to buy an apartment and a nice car rather than just squirrel money away for a rainy day. I’ve been able to enjoy life.

Thanks to planning and because I have a second income from my rental property, I feel comfortable in my finances. I make sure I can live to my means.

I love meeting up with Phil and the team face to face at The Barns. Everything I’ve said to Phil has been understood, regardless of how convoluted it’s come out of me. He’s very easy-to-understand and is easy to contact by phone or email. He’s always made me feel fully welcome regardless of the amount I want to invest.

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