Jack’s story

Libertas client since 2015

Before I met Phil I had seemed to have pension paperwork everywhere! Over the last 5 years I’ve worked for myself. I divorced a couple of years ago and I whilst we had a clean break arrangement, we hadn’t committed this to paper so my Solicitor had told me my pension was vulnerable and I was worried; it crossed my mind that I’d worked all these years for what? My Accountant referred me to Phil.

From before I started working for myself, I had 2 large Final Salary pension scheme pots and a couple of Additional Voluntary Contribution pots and a couple of smaller company pensions, as is the way these days when you’re not considering retirement.

I was looking for clarity, what I’m entitled to and how I go about getting it. The thing that Phil really did for me which helped me enormously, was establishing what my aspirations were and through that, seeing how I could make my money work for me. It’s allowed me to taper my money to suit. In my opinion I want my retirement to be front-loaded; for example as I retired I wanted to pay off my mortgage and spend time travelling, I think I’ll want that lifestyle in my 60’s but probably not in my 80’s.

Meeting Phil couldn’t have happened at a better moment; I was running out of money and, I thought, options, but Phil helped me get clarity on when I would be able to retire and what will be mine and what won’t be mine, Phil helped me navigate through this. It wasn’t straightforward, but it’s enabled me to retire and without meeting him I feel I would’ve lived to my means rather than making my means suit the way I live.

Now I’ve gone through this pension consolidation and cash flow forecasting journey, I feel a lot more confident, I have a more positive view of what my life can look like over the next 5/10/15 years. I feel a lot more relaxed and a lot more positive.

The Voyant cash flow service is the part of the service that I wouldn’t have even contemplated but it was the part I found most valuable. I’ve also found it’s been a seamless transition in my relationship with Libertas from Phil to Jodie who manages the day to day delivery of the product. Jodie manages this and has made sure that things have happened as they should; and as quickly as she could make happen.

They have both excelled at what they’ve done, you are very definitely a Client rather than a customer. Libertas have gone above and beyond to deal with my complex case and have been genuinely interested in helping me.

“Phil helped me get clarity on when I would be able to retire.”

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