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When Alison first approached Libertas, she already had a financial adviser, but her investments with them had gone wrong. "The investment products they had placed my money in had gone bust. It has taken years to try and recoup some of my losses through a compensation scheme”.

She needed to restart a pension.

"Having had my fingers burnt, it made me more cautious about the level of investment risk I was exposed to.

I needed to be in a situation where it was relatively safe, but I would be getting good returns and a pension pot that I could build on; something that was stable and wasn't going to go bust".

How a varied portfolio helped.

"I had saved around 10% that I hadn't invested and this is what started my new pension pot.

My portfolio now is varied, which is good as I don't have all my eggs in one basket. It's low to medium risk, and it's much more stable"*.

*The value of investments can go down as well as up.

Trust is key when planning your retirement.

"The team guided me through everything I needed to know and made clear recommendations. They've been spot-on with their due diligence and organisation, and you need that sort of security as an investor.

You need to be able to trust the people you're working with on that".

What a Financial Review Meeting can do for you.

"When I had the first meeting with the director of Libertas, Phil, he was honest and said it like it was. I needed to be able to trust a financial adviser again. I trust Phil implicitly; he's become a friend and a confidante.

He's seen me at my worst financially.. With Phil's help, my pension pot is now back to where it was,. He's helped me get to that point with sensible investments and investing in the right level of risk".

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